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Manoj Keshavji Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Manoj Keshavji? The businessman owns the Ali Baba restaurant in Leicester. Continue reading to learn more about the restaurateur.

Manoj Keshavji is a businessman who is the owner of the Ali Baba restaurant located in London. He has been serving as a director for various firms.

At present, the businessman has been running several restaurants in Leicester. He was reportedly working as a teacher at a secondary school.

Recently, he has become the talk of the town after news and articles with regard to him facing racist allegations are trending on the web.

If you ought to know more, let’s explore the allegations of the businessman and some facts about him in detail in the article below.

Who Is Manoj Keshavji? Etci Baba Restaurant Leicester Racist Allegations: Menu Beef Controversy.

Manoj Keshavji is a restaurateur of Indo-Asian origin who owns a restaurant named Ali Baba in Leicester. He resides in England as of now.

His precise birth details stay stowed away, yet, we discovered his partial birth details i.e., December 1966. As of which, his age is 55 years old.

The businessman holds British citizenship, although he has an Indian ethnicity. While some reports claim that he is a Ugandan residing in the UK.

Prior to initiating his own restaurant, he served for various food outlets including London Road Baba Restaurant Ltd, and Tiffinco Limited.

In actual fact, he has been serving and functioning as a director for Twenty Twenty One Trading Limited for quite some time now.

Well, with regard to racist allegations, thus far, no such substantiated news has been published to prove his racist behaviours.

Presently, our efforts to find out more about the case of the racist allegation came to no avail as no such information is publicly available.

The restaurant named Etci Baba Restaurant is located in London, Leicester and serves numerous varieties of cuisines and delicacies.

We will update you as soon as possible about the racist allegations. As of now, we are also discovering and exploring more about it.

Back then in 2017, the restaurateur filed a complaint after he was blackmailed by a customer stating that he was upset with service.

The customer named Hitesh Vaghela threatened him and later was sentenced to two and a half years pleading guilty to demanding money.

Explore Manoj Keshavji net worth.

The precise net worth of Manoj Keshavji is ambiguous presently. Anyway, we can assume he must procure a decent sum as a restaurateur.

As a matter of fact, he also functions in different firms excluding owning a restaurant which speaks for his sound financial situation.

Who Is Manoj Keshavji’s Wife?

Manoj Keshavji’s Leela Keshavji unfortunately, isn’t among us as she passed away at the age of 47 over a year ago in October 2020.

Reportedly, the reason for her unanticipated death is reported to be a brain haemorrhage. She is survived by her husband and their three children.

Leela always talked about donating her organs when the time comes with her husband and sadly, such a precious person went too soon.

There was no forewarning about her suffering from the disease. Leela suddenly had a headache which she initially thought was a migraine.

After it continued for consecutive three days, she was rushed to the hospital stated by her husband according to the article.

Unfortunately, after three hours of taking her to the hospital, she was gone leaving her husband and children behind.

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