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Marcelo Fabian Sain Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Marcelo Fabian Sain is a political scientist and professor. He currently serves as Director of the Nucleus of Studies on Government and Security (NEGyS). In the same way, Marcelo possesses a doctorate degree in political science. 

Marcelo Fabian Sain Wikipedia Biografia Explored 

Marcelo Fabian Sain doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet.

But, you can discover Marcelo Sain’s Twitter as @marcelo_sain. He is a renowned personality with over 10k followers. Similarly, he also has an Instagram bio under the name @marcelosain.

According to his biografia, Prof Sain is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He attended Salvador’s university to pursue both his master’s and a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, Marcelo Sain’s nationality is Argentinian. 

Fuss Around Marcelo Sain’s Audio Leaked

Recently, Marcelo Sain’s audio regarding Santa Fe Police case went viral on the internet.

On the message, Marcelo remarked the people of Santa De as “Black Townspeople.” Similarly, the minister of Santa Fe also used other derogatory comments against Santafesines. Consequently, Sain faced massive backlash after the audio went viral on WhatsApp groups.

On March 8, 2021, Marcelo posted a series of tweets clarifying the year and half old audio. He claimed that he has nothing against the citizens of Santa Fe. In fact, the secret message was allegedly sent to a police chief disguising as a minister. 

His Familia: Who is Marcelo Sain Wife?

Marcelo Sain prefers to protect his wife identity.

Due to his extremely serious job, Marcelo Sain’s familia and children details are scarce. He currently lives in Santa Fe with his family. Moreover, he is appointed as the Minister of Security of the Province of Santa Fe. 

Marcelo Sain adds handsome Net Worth from his government position. Likewise, he is also an author with notable books like Seguridad, Democracia y Reforma del Sistema Policial En La Argentina (2004). 

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