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Maurice Henriquez- a beloved gamer has died just at the tender age of 21 and the internet is pretty sad about it. The gaming community is truly heartbroken because they lost one of them. There are a lot of RIP messages flooding Twitter and all over the internet.

Maurice was one of the most talented players in Call of Duty on the internet. It could come as a surprise to many people that E gaming is entirely real and yes, there are teams and there are championships and huge amounts of money in this thing.

NameMaurice Henriquez
BirthdayMarch 27, 1999

10 Facts On Maurice Henriquez

Maurice Henriquez was just 21 years old when he sadly passed away on November 10, 2020.

Maurice was born on March 27, 1999, in the United States of America. He also breathed his last in America.

Maurice loved playing video games since he was a child. That hobby really turned into a career when he dedicated even more of his time.

He played for the Florida Mutineers and helped his team win many championships

Many of his fans and the entire Gaming Community have taken their heartfelt messages to Twitter and shared what a kind soul he was.

Some people on the internet- a self-proclaimed relative said that he was battling depression and took his own life.

The reports of him killing himself made its rounds on the internet but his family has dismantled the news saying it was a completely fraudulent news source.

Having said that, the actual cause of death of Maurice Henriquez is not revealed to the public yet.

His family is asking for a little privacy at this unfortunate incident and would want people not to say whatever the hell they wanted. We don’t know who his girlfriend was.

I couldn’t find his official Instagram account but his mourners are on Instagram as well.

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