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Melissa Carone Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Melissa Carone is making headlines worldwide after the video, where she represented the witness at a public hearing held in Michigan, went viral as a meme. She argued with Republican state Representative Steve Johnson as she appeared as a voter fraud witness.

Who is Melissa Carone? She is a professional, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems. Learn more in detail about her bio, personal life, and more below!

NameMelissa Carone
ProfessionIT contractor
EducationUniversity of Michigan

10 Facts On Melissa Carone

Since Melissa Carone came to the limelight overnight, her date of birth and age are still questionable.

On her LinkedIn account, she confirmed that she graduated from the University of Michigan with an associate degree in Computer and IT administration and management.

She is an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems. At the time of the election, she was hired at the vote-counting centre, TCF Center, where her work was to “troubleshoot level one problems for staff.”

Carone has done an internship at Ford Motor Company as a cybersecurity analyst. Also, she was the IT Technician at Rx Painting Inc.

She has still kept her bio away from the media radar so, details about her family and her husband are yet to get unveiled.

Melissa was one of the witnesses who testified misconduct on election night. Her video has already crossed millions of views.

Her argument with Representative Steven Johnson, a Republican, is getting the most recognition from the public and media. She was even compared to former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson.

Carone believed that the election workers had counted the same ballots “nine to ten times,” and this repeated with thousands of ballots.

Moreover, she claimed that Detroit’s turnout rate was about 120 percentage; meanwhile, the actual rate was only about 51 percentage.

In addition to that, Melissa also addressed illegal activity like jamming of the counter tabulating machines four to five times per hour, the cover-up of loss of huge amounts of data.

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