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Michael D. Atkins Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Michael D Atkins suffered death by elevator. Who was he? Get to know him.

It is estimated that over 5000 people in America due to work-related injury each year. The 2013 elevator death case of Michael D Atkins is one of them.

He died on a Wednesday afternoon at a while a regular workday. 

Who Was Michael D Atkins? Death By Elevator

Michael D Atkins was the man who suffered elevator death in 2013.

Atkins was a resident of Russellville, Alabama. He worked as a professional elevator shaft repairer in the state.

Sadly, Michael D Atkins passed away at 41 years old age.

His death was described as “an industrial accident”. Apparently, Michael was working in the sump pump in the elevator shaft when he met the unfortunate fate.

The official reporting was given by Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn. 

How Did Michael D Atkins Die? Details on Accident

Michael D Atkins died from an elevator accident.

On October 30, 2013, Atkins received a call from Decatur General Hospital concerning an elevator repair. Subsequently, he went to the location with his other 2 co-workers just like a normal workday. 

Michael then started to repair the elevator. On the other hand, his co-workers went to another part of the hospital.

However, when the co-workers came back, they found Atkins lifeless on the floor.

According to reports, Michael D Atkins might have been killed when the elevator fell above him while he was kneeling on the floor.

The first responders found him leaning into the shaft through the open elevator door. At 7:23 p.m, Atkins was pronounced dead.

It is speculated that Michael died from severe chest and back injuries. 

Michael D Atkins Family Statement 

Michael D Atkins family held his funeral in the Pinkard Funeral Home of Russellville.

Michael’s untimely demise might have come as a shock to the family. They did not talk much to the media. As a fact, even the ceremony was very private.

Prior to the funeral, the body was sent to autopsy at the Alabama Department of Forensics in Huntsville. Apparently, it is mandatory to perform a routine autopsy following an industrial accident.

However, Michael D Atkins accident update was still vague for months. The exact events were difficult to conclude due to a lack of evidence and witnesses.

In 2019, a similar accident took place in a luxury Manhattan high-rise. A 30-year-old man named Sam Waisbren was killed when an elevator suddenly dropped like a stone. 

It has already been over 7 years since Atkins passed away. Nevertheless, he will continue to live in our memories. Thank You. 

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