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Millyz Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Millyz is an American rapper and musical artist from Cambridge, Massachusetts. You may have heard his songs like the Himalayas, Demons, and Stay for a While. 

Millyz, aka Miles Hadley, is popular for his unique rapping style. Likewise, he has released 5 albums to date. Furthermore, he recently collaborated with famous rapper Asian Da Brat. 

BirthdayFebruary 17
Height5 feet 10 inches

10 Facts On Millyz

Millyz is a Rapper from Cambridge, Massachusetts. His new song titled “Himalayas” is popular nowadays. 

Millyz’s real name is Miles Hadley. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, as he was born on February 17. However, Millyz’s actual age is not disclosed to date. 

Till now, there is no Wikipedia dedicated to Millyz. On the other hand, Millyz might be featured by the Wiki soon as the rapper’s fame is rising day by day.

Millyz stands at a height of around 5 feet and 10 inches. Likewise, his body is toned with visible muscles, and he is entirely covered with artsy tattoos.

The musical artist lives an expensive lifestyle with fancy cars. But, Millyz does not like to flex on his Net Worth. On the other hand, his gold chains speak a lot about his fortune.  

You can follow Millyz on both Instagram and Twitter as @Millyz. In fact, he is verified by both social sites. Furthermore, he has attracted over 161k followers on IG alone. 

According to his bio, Millyz’s debut single was SPED: The Sequel. Furthermore, his music style is inspired by his hometown. But, he later moved to New York for more career opportunities. 

Millyz surely shoots videos with many beautiful women. However, Millyz’s actual girlfriend is a mystery to his fans so, it is safe to assume him as single for now. 

In 2016, Millyz officially released his first EP titled “The Short Bus”. Likewise, his other albums SPED Two: The Sequel (2017) and Blanco (2020) were instant hits. 

Millyz has collaborated with other renowned artists like Asian Da Brat and Fat Flee. 

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