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Mircea Popescu Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Mircea Popescu has not landed on Wikipedia. His net worth is one of the things that people really want to know. Get to know from here.

Mircea is a famous bitcoin blogger. He was once known as the biggest owner of Bitcoin on the planet.

The polarizing figure in cryptocurrency is reported to be dead on June 23, 2021. Here are some specific details we know about him so far.

Mircea Popescu Wikipedia

Mircea Popescu has no Wikipedia.

He was considered to be a controversial blogger and a provocateur.

The businessman is the owner of the exchange company MPEx.

Moreover, he also founded Polimedia in 2007. It is a reputed enterprise resource planning firm.

The Bitcoin advocate is well known for his blogs.

Mircea Popescu Net Worth

Mircea Popescu net worth is $1 billion.

It is speculated that Popescu’s Bitcoin holdings were worth well over $2 billion.

Popescu also claimed that he has control over one million coins so far.

Bitcoin Blogger Cause Of Death

Mircea Popescu’s cause of death is drowning.

Many local news reports that Popescu drowned while swimming at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica.

The event occurred in the morning when swimming in the Tramonto sector. Unfortunately, it was swept away by its high current.

According to Judicial Investigation Agency, a man of age 41 years old going by the same name was found dead.

Additionally, the reports mention the deceased being Polish. However,  Popescu is a Romanian.

Numerous sources have confirmed his death.

Wife And Family Details

Mircea Popescu’s wife is not known.

Popescu grew up in Cluj-Napoca with his family. Eventually, he graduated from Avram Iancu University. 

The bitcoin legend lived in several countries United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Egypt.

Popescu remained eccentric throughout his life. We could not fetch details on his family members.

His Blog Details

Mircea Popescu’s famous blog is titled Trilema.

In the content, he mostly defended the asset as an evangelist. His blogging journey began in late 2008.

He is often got into controversies following his sexism, bigotry, and antisemitism remarks. 

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