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Mister F Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Who is Mister F?  Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries” gathered a lot of appraisals from the first volume of the docuseries. It was one of the greatest Netflix hits of the year. And the docuseries returns for its second volume. And this time around, the cases are more mysterious. Among them, one stands out and it includes our guy, Mister F. 

The episode “Death in Oslo” is arguably the most disturbing episode of the docuseries. It involves the suicide or alleged murder of a Belgian woman, Jennifer Fergate. She was found dead in a hotel in Oslo, Norway. Her death was ruled a suicide as both the doors were closed and she had a gun on her hands. But there are a lot of theories and the one including Mister F is close to convincing as he was in the opposite room to Jennifer’s that night. 

NameMister F

10 Facts on Mister F

Who is Mister F?  He is a Belgian man who was staying in the same hotel as Jennifer Fergate on the day she was killed. 

Moreover, his face was exposed during his time in the hotel. But there is no evidence of him getting involved in the killing. 

The man is registered on the name, Mister F. Hence, his real name is still unknown. 

The Oslo story is finally adapted on the Netflix docuseries, Unsolved Mysteries. 

The episode, Death in Oslo, involves a Belgian woman who was found dead in a hotel room in Oslo, Norway in 1995.

And similarly, Mister F, who is also Belgian was staying on the same floor in a room opposite hers. 

However, the death was ruled out as suicide as the doors were locked from inside and there was a gun in her hand. 

But the window was open. Again, the room was on the 28th floor so it wasn’t easy to escape from the window. 

Later, journalists did track Mister F and took his interview. But the man presented a few ambiguous facts, hence, people started thinking it was his deed. 

The case remains unsolved as of now. Looking at the complexities it persists, there aren’t chances of it getting solved either. 

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