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Natalie Lowndes Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Wally Funk? She is an American aviator. See her husband and net worth details including her married life in this article. 

Wally Funk aka Mary Wallace is a renowned and veteran female pilot and a goodwill ambassador. She is mostly recognized in American spaceflight.

Moreover, she was the first female investigator for the NTSB ( National Transportation Safety Board) and the first female inspector at FAA (Federal Aviation Agency).

As per the latest updated news from BBC, Wally funk will join Jeff Bezos on the space flight of Blue Origin this month. 

Wally Funk Husband: Is She Married?

Wally Funk has no husband as she is not married yet.

According to Daily Mail, Though Funk never settled down and has no children. She has an impressive professional background.

When NASA accepted women as an astronaut, Funk tried multiple times but she was rejected. It’s because she has no engineering degree. 

Explaining her family background, she was born in Las Vegas. Her parents owned a retail store and were living a happy life in the US state.

Wally Funk Net Worth 2021 Explored

Wally Funk’s accurate net worth is still a mystery for the fans. 

As per our assumption, Funk’s earnings are estimated to be in the millions. We will let you know, once the earning are made public. 

How old is she? Wally is currently 82 years as of 2021. 

She celebrates her birthday on the 1st of February every year.

Nevertheless, she filmed her life story for the Travelling Space Museum in 2012. At the age of 20, she has become a professional aviator, and her first job was as an instructor of the US Army in Oklahoma. 

Who Is Blue Origin Wally Funk?

Blue Origin announced that Wally Funk will join the first Jeff Bezos spaceflight including the other three crew members.  

Finally, her dream to fly in space has come true. No wonder, she is excited to join the crew members of Blue Origin with Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

In the Apple TV and alternate-history series “For All Mankind”, a moonwalking character named Molly Cobb is arguably inspired by Wally Funk. 

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