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Officer Joe Gutierrez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Systematic racism and police brutality continue to be a burning issue in America. A similar thing happened to a minority person, Joe Gutierrez nearly 4 months ago. In fact, Joe is finally speaking about his story and even filed a complaint against the police officers. 

Joe Gutierrez Wife and Family Details

Joe Gutierrez’s wife has not spoken to the media yet.

Her name is yet to surface on the internet. 

Joe Gutierrez was a police officer based in Windsor, Virginia. He was involved in the unlawful assault of Caron Nazario. The event occurred as Joe Gutierrez arrested Caron in Virginia. 

Joe Gutierrez’s family members maintain secrecy amid the serious case.

The Virginia police department has recently fired Joe Gutierrez. The termination was finalized after Joe’s unprofessional behavior was recorded in a viral video. In the clip, Joe assaulted Caron during a traffic stop without any particular reason.

Joe Guttirez Age and Ethnicity

Gutierrez’s age seems around 50s.

In the leaked video, Joe seems around his middle age. He is a fairly heavy-built person and wears glasses. Furthermore, he has a bald head with a mustache. But, little is known about his personal life. 

Joe Gutierrez’s ethncitiy is white.

On the other hand, his victim belonged to black and Latino ethnicity.  People speculate that Caron’s minority background might have been the primary reason for his assault. 

The Infamous Windsor Officer Case: Was He Fired?

In December 2020, US lieutenant Caron Nazario was stopped by two Windsor officers: Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker.

According to the officers, Caron had allegedly violated the traffic rule. Moreover, Joe Gutierrez even put pepper spray on Caron and threatened his life.

Nazario filed a lawsuit against both officers for using excessive force.

Similarly, the investigation of the case concluded that the action of the officers was against police protocols. However, the department has not fired Crocker for his job yet. 

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