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Olivia Muranga Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu are two personalities who have been charged by Queensland Police after they lied to the health officials during their trip to Melbourne. As Melbourne is the hotspot of COVID-19 within Australia.

NameOlivia Muranga and Diana Lasu
Age21 years (Diana), 19 years (Olivia)

The two were charged for traveling to Melbourne as it is mostly affected area by COVID-19. They were arrested by police mainly for breaking COVID-19 rules. They are also alleged for stealing luxury handbags from Sydney and Melbourne. As they traveled to the hotspot they along with their family tested for Coronavirus and tested positive, however, their family members have tested negative.

They were seen enjoying and partying breaking the COVID-19 rule set by the government. Though they had some symptoms they didn’t stop vising public places and went to bars and restaurants. Now they have caught the limelight for the act they have done as people are questioning them the reason for doing this.

10 Facts About Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu

Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu are both of Australian nationalities.

It seems both of these personalities have temporarily disabled their Facebook as well as Instagram accounts so that they could hide their identities.

Getting into the insights of their age, Diana is currently just 21 years of age while Olivia is 2 years younger than her – she is just 19 years old.

Since they are not that popular, their information has not been updated on the Wikipedia page.

Talking about their ethnicity, they look as if they belong to mixed ethnicity.

Their bio is available to read on official websites only. 

They have recently come into the limelight after they spoke lie to the official health workers when they were asked about their health status during their trip from Queensland to Melbourne.

According to Diana’s mother, the girls were not wrong and they had all the rights to go anywhere.

It has also been confirmed that the girls were involved in stealing luxury handbags when they were in Sydney.

Both Olivia and Diana have tested positive for COVID-19 and are even accused of spreading this dangerous virus to thousands of Queenslanders. 

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