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Paige Woolen is an American social media sensation. She made headlines for sending DMs to several boys to check out whether they are loyal to their girlfriends or not. The Instagram model aspired to help fellow women to find if their partner is cheating and also came with some revelations about the responses from some males.

The eventual result divided as some stayed close-knit with their partners by refusing her advances. But some pretended to be single to get a date with the Instagram model. As per Paige Woolen, she got numerous DMs from the males, who had pictures with their girls and she wondered if their partner knew the fact and just did not care about the DMs sent by their boyfriends to the random girl in a bikini.

Paige Woolen is just a helping hand in many relationships, positively.Quick Facts:

NamePaige Woolen
Birthday19 January 1992

10 Fun Facts About Paige Woolen

Paige Woolen is an Instagram model from Los Angeles, California, the United States. She has over 217k followers on her official Instagram account, as of now, where she frequently drops several luscious pictures of her own.

Paige Woolen was born in 1992 in the United States and she celebrates her birthday on 19 January every year. She is currently 28 years old.

Her Instagram bio summarizes herself as an ‘Essential Stay At Home Grass-Fed Model’ based in Los Angeles, California.

Some of her distinctive features are brown hair and brown eyes. Besides that, her body measurements including her height, weight, and size details are unexplored.

Woolen, 28, is also a creator of Dude In The DM, an Instagram account where she posts the screenshots of the DMs she gets from numerous boys. The conversations with the boys in the process of checking whether they are loyal to their girls or not are featured on the Instagram account.

She is also active on Tik Tok, where she has managed to garner over 5.8k followers, as of now. She has just four videos on the platforms, which are saucy and partially explicit contents.

Paige Woolen also has her own website named Paige Uncaged, where she has some explicit contents that need parental guidance before accessing. People of underage groups are highly restricted to access the site.

She also has kept some of her pictures for sale on her official website. Visitors can find the items based on Apparels, Matte Prints, Home Goods, Accessories, and Electronics.

Despite her relationship-friendly process, she herself has not opened about her relationship ventures. She has not revealed any clue of having her boyfriend or partner.

Since she leads a subtle profile, her early life details and family background lies beyond the mystery. She is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

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