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Peter Avsenew Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Peter Avsenew is the murderer who showed up at his mother’s house on Christmas after murdering a gay couple in their house. Peter was a troubled child and once threatened to blow the school up as a child.

In Evil Lives Here’s episode My Son Is Damaged Goods, Jeanne reveals what it was like to raise Peter Avsenew. 

Peter Avsenew’s murdered Kevin Powell and Stephen Adams in 2010.

Kevin and Stephen were murdered in their house in Wilton Manors. They had lived for more than 30 years. Peter stole their car, money, and credit cards and went to Jeanne’s house in Polk County.

Jeanne Avsenew turned her son in after she realized Peter was the murderer, reports Sun-Sentinel.

Is Peter Avsenew Still Alive?

Peter Avsenew is still alive today, as per the prison records.

Peter was charged with two first-degree murders, credit card fraud, robbery, possession of a firearm, among others. Avsenew was sentenced to death.

Avsenew’s attorney defended the act saying that his sister’s death and past sexual abuse might have influenced the behavior. Peter Avsenew is serving his time at the Union Correctional Institution, Raiford, Florida, and is currently on death row, reports The Cinemaholic.

Jeanne Avsenew’s Update in 2021

Jeanne Avsenew is living the life of retirement.

In the documentary, Jeanne revealed that she had not talked to or had any communication with Peter since he was sentenced.

Jeanne Avsenew lives in Sebring, Florida, with her family.

In 2017, Jeanne survived cancer and is currently spending time with her grandchildren and children.

Peter Avsenew Wiki

One can read about Peter Avsenew’s bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages and news articles.

Peter Avsenew’s age is 36 years in 2021.

Peter has had several criminal charges against him in the past, including vehicle theft, criminal mischief, robbery, drug possession, and many more. The details of Peter’s wife are private.

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