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Philip Kreycik Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Reddit videos confirm that Philip Kreycik body was recently found. Here’s everything you should know about his wife age LinkedIn and family.

Philip was last seen in Mollar Staging Area, Pleasanton, on July 10, 2021. We are sad to update you that he is no more with us today.

Reportedly, he was a hiker and adventure seeker. Unfortunately, as of now, Philip’s cause of death remains unanswered.

Philip Kreycik Open Discussion On Reddit

Reddit users wanted to know about Philip Kreycik ever since he was reported missing. Today, his death news has broken everybody’s heart.

We can find tons of discussions about his missing case. However, a recent update has confirmed that Kreycik will not return home ever again.

Well, the entire community was concerned by Philip’s disappearance. This showed how much people tend to care for each other.

Apart from Reddit, every other social media was filled with Philip’s news. Moreover, Twitter users started threads to explain their respective theories.

Philip Kreycik Wife: Was He Married?

Philip Kreycik was married to his wife, Jen Yao. She got baffled when the authorities couldn’t find a trace of her husband.

Well, his partner reported him missing hours after he failed to return home. According to Patch, there was an excessive heat warning. Nevertheless, Philip went out ignoring them.

A recent tweet by Gerard Courcy claims that he was not entirely heterosexual. So, his sexuality could have played a role in his death.

Learn About Philip Kreycik Age: How Old Was The Hiker?

Philip Kreycik’s age was just 37 years old. But, there’s nothing to note on his birthday.

Moving on, he was 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Moreover, we can confirm he weighed approximately 165 lbs (75 kg).

When Philip went out for the last time, he was wearing running shorts. Along with that, he was equipped with Suunto Armbit3 Blue Watch.

Did Philip Kreycik Have A LinkedIn?

Philip Kreycik’s friend, Allison Rogers, confirms he had a LinkedIn. His profile claims that he worked for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Reportedly, he had completed his BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University. Later, he earned his Master’s degree in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Moreover, he had a Master’s in City Planning from MIT. The experienced personality worked as the principal strategic analyst at his present company.

At the moment, there’s no Wikipedia page under Philip’s name. Hopefully, there will be a wiki about his death story.

Everything On Philip Kreycik Family Life

Philip Kreycik was born to an American family in Berkeley, California. We provide our condolences to his close people.

One of his friends, Tom Wooten, has set up a GoFundMe page to support his wife and children. Until now, the page has earned over $93.5 thousand.

Along with his household, the entire community he lived in are shocked about his death. Therefore, we request everybody to take a minute out to pray for his beautiful soul.

Update: Missing Runner Philip Body Found

Authorities confirmed Philip Kreycik’s body was found in Pleasanton Park. Reportedly, a volunteer had found his remains 250 yards off of a game trail.

Well, the Alameda County Sheriff confirmed the body was of Philip. However, they have not positively identified the body yet. 

Further investigation is going on. Thus, we are unable to know who killed him.

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