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Puppi150 is a supercar enthusiast who was introduced to the online community by Shmee150. What is his real name?

Puppi150 is the girlfriend of Shmee150, a British car vlogger, YouTuber, and automotive influencer, who owns and deals with supercars and hypercars. Puppi150 is famous among the supercar community for her collection of exotic cars she has driven and the pictures she takes of them.

Meet Puppi150 on Instagram

Puppi150 is very active on Social media and can be found on Instagram here.

Who is Puppi150?

Puppi150, aka Ms. Shmee, is a blogger who started her fame by vlogging her trips around the world and her choices of apparel during those times. 

Soon after, she posted pictures with exotic supercars and hypercars that her boyfriend, Shmee150, owned. This was instantly popular among the internet community; after all, it’s not every day that a girl is interested in cars.

Puppi150 was introduced to the online community as Ms. Shmee by Shmee150 on youtube.

What is Puppi150’s Real Name and Age?

Puppi150’s real name has yet to be disclosed, but she has been known to the online community as Ms. Shmee.

She has not yet disclosed any personal information to the public yet. But considering she is dating Shmee150, who himself is 33 years So, she could be around the same age.

Puppi150’s Boyfriend Is A YouTuber

Puppi150 is dating Shmee150, Tim Burton, the self-proclaimed YouTuber-“Living the Supercar Dream,” born on 17th September 1987.

He is based in London, United Kingdom. His career as Shmee150 began in January 2010 when he, by chance, stumbled into two brand new cars: a Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini LP670-4 Superveloce.

He travels the world, looking for the greatest and most exclusive supercars and hypercars, which he will vlog and use to promote his business.

Shmee is known among the online car community of car enthusiasts and hypercar purchasers. He posts his daily activities such as car rallies and road trips, as well as exclusive shoots and adventures with many exotic cars.

Tim Burton’s house, unlike many others, consists of supercars and hypercars instead of a living room. One could even say that Shmee needs his cars more than he needs his house.

He shares his personal experiences in the luxury automotive world with an honest and personal touch that connects with his viewers.

His net worth is estimated to be around $17 million.

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