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Ranboo is a popular Twitch streamer who mainly streams his gameplay on Twitch. Recently, he even created his youtube account and streams his gameplay through his youtube account too. At a very small age, he is now popular among youngsters all around the globe.

With over 62k followers on twitch, Ranboo streams on it quite frequently with a variety of contents. These recent days, Ranboo uploads random videos other than gaming streams on his youtube account. Below are interesting facts on the young Youtuber Ranboo you may love to know.


10 Facts on Ranboo:

Ranboo is an American streamer but his actual place of birth is not revealed.

Likewise, Ranboo has not revealed his date of birth and his age is still unwrapped. However, Ranboo tweeted and declared that he is a minor which means he was born after 2002.

Since he is a minor, he has not disclosed his relationship status among his subscribers. Maybe he is too young to be in a relationship for now.

Despite being a popular streamer with a huge amount of subscribers, Ranbo has not revealed his face to the public. He paints his face before he is on camera.

His actual net worth and earnings are not estimated yet. However, we can say Ranboo has good earning from his streaming sites with all these huge numbers of subscribers.

Ranboo is not his real name. Anyway, we know him as Ranboo and he has not revealed his real name.

He is active on Instagram @ranboomc and has above 30k followers on it.

Ranboo is being so popular that he made his own merch for his followers which is available on the motfee official website.

Ranboo has over 126k subscribers on his YouTube channel with just 16 videos on it. He uploaded his first video on August 13, 2020.

You can follow Ranboo on his Twitter account @Ranboosaysstuff where he already has over 84.4k subscribers.

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