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Ray Epps Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Was Ray Epps In the FBI? Dig more details into the Oath Keeper, who was seen at the front of the Capitol on the January 6 riot.  

Ray Epps is the man who was repeatedly seen encouraging Trump supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol Hill building on January 6.

The video of him inciting the enraged rioters has gone viral on Twitter, media, and other social media platforms.

As the arrested January 6 rioters are currently under arrest while the riot is still being investigated, Epps’s presence on the day has once again angered the public.

Thus, many theories and talks about him have started on the web, which is shocking to address.

Was Ray Epps In the FBI?

Ray Epps is rumored to be an FBI plant sent to help incite the deadly January 6 riot, per the ongoing talks of the netizens.

Many believe that Epps’s connection to the high-level law enforcement team of the United States has helped him stay away from the arrest despite his noticeable participation in the riot.

The elderly Epps has not been arrested though many rioters have been sentenced to deserving prison time for their crimes.

The rioters of January 6 had attacked the U.S. Capitol Hill, attacked many police officers, and nearly disturbed the vote counting of the 2020 Presidential election.

Daily Mail U.K. confirms that Epps was indeed an ex-marine; however, his connection to the FBI is yet to be proven.

Thus, the theory of Epps being a member of the FBI cannot be confirmed at the moment.

Watch Ray Epps The Oath Keeper Capitol January 6 Video On Twitter

Ray Epps is the former president of the largest chapter of the far-right anti-government militia group, the Oath Keepers.

As the duty of his former position called, he was seen encouraging the mass to attack.

The moments of him doing so were captured into a video that has gone viral on Twitter.

Hence, the video has added more subject intensity to the January 6 riot case.

Ray Epps Wikipedia: His Age and Resurrection Theory Explored

As confirmed by our close sources, Ray Epps’s current age is 60 years old.

The older adult was active in such a deadly riot despite his old age and background as a military man.

Meanhwile, the exact insiders into his birth date are still into consideration.

Epps has currently become a part of many conspiracy theories on the web.

His name has been added to resurrection theory that believes in far-right political activism.

Not much can be confirmed on him until the official investigations show up its results.

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