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Reemar Martin Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Reemar Martin is the tiktok queen of Philippines. But turns out, she is the dream queen of many Indonesian men. She is popular for her creative tiktok videos.

But Martin passed the shocking news among the fans that she will be quitting social media. Want to know why? You’re in good place then. Here are the 10 interesting facts about Reemar Martin.Quick Facts:

NameReemar Martin
Age17 years
FacebookReemar Martin

10 Facts on Reemar Martin

Remmar Martin is a TikTok star and a internet personality. According to her tiktok bio, she is 17 years old.

However, there isn’t any information about her birthday. Hence, her birthday for now, is still under review. 

The nationality of the tiktok star is Filipino. But she is currently residing in Australia. And she doesn’t have wiki presence.

Moreover, Martin is yet to reveal her body measurements. Hence, her height and weight are under review for now. But she may be around 1.5 meters tall.

Furthermore, the tiktok star has been trending among the Indonesian fans in the twitter as #ArtisReemar which translates into Artist Reemar in English. 

Likewise, Martin is known for her hefty social media presence. She is very popular in the social media, among the men especially.

As of today, her tiktok account has more than 1.2 million followers and around 8 Million likes. Similarly, her twitter acoount consists of around 55k followers as of now.

Her instagram acoount was blocked because a lot of people reported it Offending. Hence, she has recently opened her new instagram account. Within 15 days, her acount was boosted to around 257k followers. Most of her followers are predicted to be Indonesian men.

As a result, there are rumors that many people in Indonesia are jealous of her. And they have been sending threats to close her instagram and tiktok account. She has been reported to offense the Indonesian BTS fans.

As a result, Martin finally declared to be away from the social media. On April 28, she tweeted that she won’t be using social media. She informed the reason to be her personal problems rather than the Indonesian fans. 

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