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Rick Jacobs Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Rick Jacobs is a political advisor to the mayor of Los Angeles city, Eric Garcetti. Rick has recently come under a lot of fire after being accused of sexual harassment. It is certainly a matter of disgrace if anyone in a public position is accused of something that heinous. Bear in mind, I don’t mean to say it’s not serious when normal people do it, but when public personalities do it, the consequences are more severe.

LAPD officer has filed a lawsuit against Jacobs in the court demanding justice for being sexually harassed. Journalist Yashar Ali wrote a piece accusing Jacobs. Rick definitely has come under a lot of scrutinies as he has been relieved from his job of being an advisor to Mayor Garcetti.

NameRick Jacobs
ProfessionPolitical Advisor

10 Facts On Rick Jacobs

Rick Jacobs has been a loyal advisor and a friend of Mayor Eric Garcetti but all that’s going to change after his recent alleged involvement in sexual harassment.

A journalist named Yashar Ali has written a lot and written vehemently against Rick’s behavior.

Apparently, an officer in LAPD had been harassed by Rick and the lawsuit is underway now.

We don’t know a lot about Rick’s family because t hasn’t been surfaced yet on the internet. However, it looks like it will be surfaced soon.

Rick is a married man but we don’t exactly know the name of his wife.

There are multiple allegations against Jacobs who allegedly have been harassing people for 6 years now.

After the recent discoveries, Mayor Eric Garcetti came out and spoke against Rick and relieved him of the duties as a political advisor.

Yashar Ali has even insinuated that Mayor knew of Jacobs’s sexual harassment but did not speak about it for 6 years.

Rick has denied the claims and said he is innocent.

Rick Jacobs doesn’t have an Instagram which is why details about his family, ethnicity are not available publicly.

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