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Roc Sandford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

You might be wondering if Roc Sandford is available on Wikipedia or not. Find out in this article.

Sandford is Extinction Rebellion Catalyser at Extinction Rebellion for almost 4 years from Jan 2018 to the present. Professionally, he is also a businessman and an environmental strategist. 

Most importantly, Roc is quite interested in the environment, civil rights, and architecture who is working pretty hard to shape environmental conditions in recent times. He has also worked on methodologies for modeling geophysical and social phenomena.

Roc Sandford Wikipedia Revealed

Roc Sandford Wikipedia page is yet to get in vision thus far.

However, this does not change the fact that we’re sort of Roc Sandfrod’s information. There are several Web portals providing his information in detail.

Thus, one can easily grasp a myriad of information through several Web portals. Also, we can see him on Linkedin Bio.

From his Linkedin, we can know about his experience, education as well as interests. 

Roc Sandford Wife: Is He Married?

Roc Sandford must have separated from his wife.

As per researches, we’re known that Roc Sandford was previously married to a woman who currently lives in West London. But, there is nothing much about the woman so far now.

Presently, there are no signs of Roc Sandford getting married again. However, we’re aware that he has four children named Isla Sandford, Lachlan Sandford, Savannah Sandford, and Cato Sandford.

Family Details To Know

Roc Sandford family included his father Jeremy Sandford and his mother Nell Dunn. 

Also, we’re known that he had grandparents named Lettice Sandford, Philip Dunn, and Christopher Sandford.

In addition to that, Roc Sandford was born on 10th December 1957 which makes him 63 years of age as of now.

He grew up in England, Wales, and Spain with his family. He had quite a supportive family who never let him down when it comes to having faith in him.

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