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Rodney Robinson Was Arrested From SF Loot Scene, What We Know So Far

Rodney Robinson from SF Loot scene was arrested in connection with the mass theft incident. Here is what we know so far. 

On Saturday Night, dozens of people tore through the department store, grabbing merchandise and fleeing in waiting cars. Police has now arrested three people in connection to the incident. 

Mugshot: Rodney Robinson Was Arrested From SF Loot Scene

Rodney Robinson is one of those looters who was arrested after the scene at San Fransico, Nordstrom store. He comes from Oakland who assaulted the two workers and pepper sprayed on one of them. 

There is not full details about him in the internet yet. The police is yet to provide his details. 

However, the incident has shocked everyone. The people who were eating outside across the street said that they were worried that the violence would spill to the restaurant as well. 

There were 80 suspects and police said that it was a planned event. There was also initial calls coming to the police department about cars driving recklessly in the area. 

The police also said that they managed to stop one of the gateway waiting cars and arrested two people. They have not clarified if it was Rodney who was arrested in such scenario.

Two Others Arrested For Theft- Who Are They?

Two other people have been arrested following the looting incident in Nordstrom store. The other two people are Dana Dawson and Joshua Underwood.

Dana who is 30 years old was arrested on suspicion of gun violence. Witnesses have captured the video of people carrying bags and fleeing from the scene on Facebook. 

Police indicated that they might be planning another similar heist as well. There is no evidence yet but the officials have warned the residents and the businesses to be careful and stay alert. 

These kind of incident have happened over a week. A  Luois Vitton store in Oak Brook was looted by 14 people and made off with at least $120,000 worth of goods, shared Insider.

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