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Sasha Grumman Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Well-known for California-inspired, and Texas-fueled recipes, Sasha Grumman, has joined Top Chef.

Sasha Grumman is an executive chef who has been working at Hilton since October 2019. She had started her career as a line cook for various restaurants like DelfinaHard Water RestaurantAzizaCockscomb, and Aaxte.

Who is Sasha Grumman From Top Chef?

Sasha Grumman is one of the contestants of the 18th season of Top Chef

Very passionate about cooking, she joined the French Culinary Institute, where she flourished her passion. She had to spend almost three months in one of the ALMA culinary schools in Parma, Italy.

Sasha Grumman Age: How Old Is She?

Right now, we do not have details about Sasha Grumman’s age.

In fact, she has not shared anything related to her birthday yet.

Predicting her age is quite easy, though – she is not more than 39 years old. Thus, we can confirm her age range to be in the thirties.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Unfortunate for Sasha Grumman, she is not on Wikipedia.

There’s no need to worry if you wish to find her career bio as it is present on LinkedIn.

As per her profile, she had previously worked as a Chef De Cuisine at Launderette. She held the same position at Union Restaurant from August 2017 to September 2018. Apart from that, Sasha has also worked as a private chef at Feastly.

Everything About Her Husband

We can confirm that Sasha Grumman’s husband is Kjell.

However, we aren’t sure about his professional life.

In fact, Sasha remains very private about her family life. Right now, there is nothing to know about her children too.

Her Net Worth Explored

Sasha Grumman’s net worth is definitely in the thousands as she is a chef.

However, her fortune might change if she wins this season of Top Chef.

Moving on to Sasha’s hometown, she is from Newport Beach, California. Currently, she resides in Houston, Texas.

Moreover, we can find Sasha on Instagram, where she has already gained over 5.7 thousand followers under her username of @thefiercechef.

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