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Teressa Raiford Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

‘Black Lives Matter’ is a trending demonstration that has spread in all the 51 states of the United States. The demonstration is a recent event called out by mostly the black community who face racial injustice every single day.

NameTeressa Raiford
Height5 feet 6 inches approx.
ProfessionProtestor, Politician

Teressa Raiford, a very famous personality now, called a politician too, has been fighting for the rights of black for a very long time now. She is even considered as the founder of Don’t Shoot Portland. Her role in the demonstration was huge.

Also, very recently, she had stood as one of the candidates in the election for Mayor of Portland. However, her vote count of 18,310 was only enough for her to secure the 3rd place. 

10 Facts on Teressa Raiford

Teressa Raiford’s net worth in the year 2020 is yet to be updated, so, stay tuned!

We are currently on deep research to find a lot of missing information regarding her including height, weight, and body measurements. 

The third fact to learn about Teressa is that she is the founder of a Black-led and community-driven nonprofit organization named Don’t Shoot Portland.

Her looks suggest that she is in her early forties but we do not know about her actual date of birth as well as actual age.

If you wish to learn more about what political changes she has brought in Portland, you can visit her Wikipedia page. 

Although she has not shared her age, she has shown the whole of America that she can bring social changes and would forever speak against racial injustice. 

She has never mixed her family life with professional life which is why not much is known about her parents and other relationships.

Continuing the seventh fact, she has never spoken anything related to her husband too.

Although her bio is easily available on Wikipedia, there is a Ballotpedia that shows more about her.

People are still confused about whether the woman who lost the election for Mayor of Portland is married or not. 

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