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Theresa Balboa Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

News has scattered around on the missing of Theresa Balboa and Samuel Olson. Here are the main highlights of the Mother and Family. 

Theresa claimed that she saw Samuel Olson on Thursday, May 27, 2021, before he vanished. 

Theresa Balboa: Wiki and Age

Theresa Balboa’s details are not found on Wiki, nor her age details. 

Moreover, looking at her photo in a news article, she seems to belong around the mid-’40s. 

Further, Theresa is a fiancée to Dalton Olson, who is Samuel Olson’s father. There are no other personal details regarding Balboa. 

Concerning the news, she had claimed she saw Samuel on Thursday, May 27, 2021. And, after that reported news on her missing was placed on June 1, 2021.  The boy’s father told FOX 26 that she hadn’t been home since Monday. 

As per the cops, they believe Olsen had vanished a month ago but was reported missing on May 27. 

This case of missing a young boy has surrounded mystery Houston, Texas. Samuel had just turned six years old on Saturday and was not present to celebrate his birthday with his family. 

Samuel’s stepmother Balboa said she saw the boy on Thursday morning at her mother’s southwest Houston home. 

Samuel Olson Family

Samuel Olsen’s parents have been separated from her family.

His father shares the custody of his son along with Samuel’s biological mom Sarah Olson. 

As per news from the sun, “During a press conference, Attorney Marco González said that Sarah Olsen had custody of the child, but had not seen him since January 2020.” 

However, news comes to a twisted turn when Theresa claims to have seen Sarah Olson, and mentions, ‘I was going to take Sam to school when his mother showed up with the police officer, or who I was under the impression to be a police officer, and they demanded me to release Sam,’ Balboa told ABC13 on Monday.

Whereas Sarah denied Balboa’s claims of being with a man dressed as a cop and picking Samuel. 

His father expressed his sorrow, “That is my whole world, and I can’t imagine if anything happened to him, and I believe he’s still out there,” said Dalton Olson, who shares custody of his son with Samuel’s biological mom.

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