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What Is Jump Over The Phone Filter TikTok? Viral Trend Explained

What Is Jump Over The Phone Filter? The trend has been getting to its peak nowadays. Find out the viral trend explained here.

Tiktok has been the best place to showcase someone’s creativity. The creativity that Tiktok users put becomes the trend when it gets to every nooks and corner of the social media users.

The Jump Over The Phone Filter challenge is just another form of a trend that has come to the height lately.

How To Get Jump Over The Phone Filter TikTok Step-by-Step?

Here is the guide on how to get Jump Over The Phone Filter. See the step-by-step guide:

  1. The first thing is you have to have a TikTok account under your username.
  2. Go to the trending option on filters; you can see categories like Trending, Green Screen, New, and more. You must click on Trending filters.
  3. Search the latest ‘Jump Over The Phone Filter’ on the Tiktok and place your smartphone on the ground. Make sure that you place your camera upside.
  4. Start the filter on your Tiktok and jump above your smartphone.
  5. You can get your video ready once you are done getting with the filter.

Once you are ready with your video, you can upload it to your Tiktok account with or without editing.

Jump Over The Phone: Viral Trend Explained

Jump Over The Phone is one of the trendy videos on the Tiktok platform.

You can see the fading effect of the filter, which seems quite attractive and eye-pleasing.

There are thousands of videos made under the ‘Jump Over The Phone’ filter.

TikTok: What Is Jump Over The Phone Filter?

Jump Over The Phone Filter is the latest trending filter challenge on Tiktok.

The trend was first initiated by the famous Tiktok star Bella Poarch.

Bella Poarch first uploaded the video with ‘Jump Over The Phone’ on June 27, 2021.

Since then, numerous Tiktok users have followed and tried the trend, which has been one of the famous Tiktrend of the time.

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