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Who Is Darrell E Brooks Jr? The Person Of Interest In Waukesha Christmas Parade Accident Arrested

Darrell E Brooks Jr. is suspected who drove a speeding SUV, hitting 27 people leaving an unknown number of people dead. Here is his Wikipedia/Bio. 

Police were called to a Milwaukee address used by Darrell E Brooks Jr. after his name was mentioned on the police scanner. 

He is suspected to be in connection with the Waukesha Parade incident, in which a red Ford Escape plowed through the street crowd. 

The incident injured at least 23 people which also included children and elderly people. 

Who Is Darrell E Brooks Jr? Wikipedia Bio

The man arrested in connection with the parade incident told police his name was Darrell E Brooks Jr. 

Darrell Brooks is also a rapper who goes by the stage name MathBoi Fly. He has released several music videos.

Darrell has been named as the prime suspect in the incident. 

Darrell has however is under police custody and is in no condition to talk with the media. 

The police are providing very minimal information about his bio and other details. 

Darrell E. Brooks Jr., a 19th Street resident, has several open felony charges filed against him on November 5, 2021, according to Wisconsin court records.

Brooks has been convicted of several criminal offenses since 1999, including drug possession, obstructing an officer, and battery.

Is Waukesha Suspect Darrell E Brooks Jr Arrested After Charges?

Yes, the suspected Darrell E Brooks Jr. is now under police custody and is under arrest. 

It’s assumed he was detained by cops after a red vehicle resembling the parade SUV appeared on Google Maps for the address listed in Brooks’ name.

His name was listed top in the number of people police has suspected. 

The case is yet to be opened, and he is still under the trial period. 

According to police, at least 11 adults and 12 children have been injured. There was no information available about the severity of the injuries sustained.

In terms of those who died, police confirmed “some” fatalities but refused to reveal the exact number of those killed, citing privacy concerns for the victims’ families.

Darrell E Brooks Jr Facebook-What Is His Age? 

Darrell E Brooks Jr. age is now 39 years old, and as of now, there are no reports of his Facebook accounts. 

His social media and other details might have been taken into account by the police. 

As of now, there are no videos of the incident on social media, and Facebook might have removed all the videos regarding the incident. 

Darrell E Brooks Jr Family And Religion Explored

Due to Darrell E Brooks Jr being in custody, it is hard to say anything about his family and religion. 

Though he is considered to be a rapper, there are no reports of his family’s whereabouts or about his religion. 

Looking at his name, he is belied to be following Christianity, but nothing much is known about it yet. 

So for now, Darrell E Brooks Jr is under police custody and will soon be facing trial.

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