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Who Is George Cacioppo Wife? Everything About The Sony VP As He Got Fried For Pedophile Claims

Netizens have inquired about George Cacioppo wife after the Sony VP got fired for recent pedophile claims.

George had been working as a Senior Vice President Engineering at Playstation Network. Reportedly, he had already serviced for Sony Interactive Entertainment for over 8 years.

Before joining Sony, he was the Vice President Of Software Engineering at Intuit. Also, he was the VP of PalmSource Holding Co and Adobe.

Netizens Inquire About George Cacioppo Wife

George Cacioppo is happily married to his wife. Most probably, the couples have been together for decades.

It seems George wants to have a private life with his family. Thus, he has failed to provide us with any information relating to his children.

After the recent viral news, George’s relation with his spouse is a major risk. Indeed, his marriage is on the verge of divorce.

Until now, the man hasn’t spoken about his partner’s name in front of the media. Also, he hasn’t shared how many children he has.

Most of the netizens are curious to know if his better half will remain by his side for the rest of his life. Indeed, several people believe that he might be divorced soon.

Moreover, George has nothing to say about how and when he met his partner. Hopefully, his wife will reveal everything about their relationship very soon.

Well, there is no Wikipedia page under George’s name. Nevertheless, you can read his biography on his official LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, Cacioppo’s estimated net worth in 2021 is unknown. But, we can confirm that his earnings as a VP are quite massive.

Everything To Know About George Cacioppo Sony VP

George Cacioppo joined Sony in September 2013. Well, he serviced for PlayStation Network as their VP.

Reportedly, he had started his official career in April 1978 after he joined Hazeltine Industrial Products Division. There, he serviced as a software engineer.

After working for nearly four years, he joined Digital Equipment Corporation as an Engineering Manager. In April 1992, George made the headlines after joining Adobe as their VP of Software Development.

After 12 years, he left the company and started serving as the VP of PalmSource Holding Co. Amongst all, his work at Intuit and Sony has been the most remarkable.

Did George Got Fired For Pedophile Claims?

Yes, George Cacioppo got fired for pedophile claims. Reportedly, he appeared in a pedophile sting video on YouTube.

As soon as Sony found out, they fired him right away. Well, People vs. Preds’ video has now confirmed that Cacioppo is a pedophile.

In the footage, he was captured with a 15-year-old boy whom he invited for a sexual purpose. Reportedly, there were text messages which prove that George is guilty.

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