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Who Is Laura Russo From Sea Cliff? New York Teacher Arrested

New York teacher Laura Russo is reportedly arrested for injecting a minor with COVID-19 vaccine without the consent from his parents.

Laura Russo is an infamous science teacher from Sea Cliff. She is detained by the cops after injecting an anti-virus vaccine into her son’s minor friend.

Russo is a public educator for the Herricks Public School. She has currently been removed from the classroom and reassigned until the investigation ends.

Laura is not a certified medical professional. So, to inject someone of a minor age group without informing his parents is not appropriate and goes beyond the law.

Russo seems to have injected Johnson-Johnson in the 17 year’s hand. If that’s the case, then she might face more serious charges as it was only approved for people above 18 years old.

Also, it is unclear where Laura got her hands on the vile of the dosage.

Who Is Laura Russo From Sea Cliff? New York Teacher Arrested & Charges

Laura Russo from Sea Cliff is a public school science teacher associated with the Herricks Public School.

She was arrested on New Year’s eve for injecting a minor with the COVID-19 vaccine. She was detained after police were called by the victim’s parents. 

Russo had the anti-virus vile in her home and how it landed with her is still a mystery. Her son called a friend over her home and he agreed to get vaccinated.

Laura asked for him so that her son would not contract the virus. She injected her son’s friend, 17, without asking for permission from his parents.

When the boy reached his home and told the tale to his mother, she immediately informed the police and got Russo arrested. As a teacher, she should not have done what she did.

Since Laura is not a medical professional, she has no right to inject people and especially not a minor without consent. Generally, it can be said that her motherhood instincts suppressed her rationality.

Thus, Laura was detained for the charges of unauthorized practice of a profession. The charges fall under the New York State Education Law.

Laura Russo Age: How Old Is She?

NY teacher Laura Russo is 54 years old as of January 2022.

She was born in 1968 and has American nationality. In fact, she is based in Nassau County, New York. 

Laura Russo Wiki Explored: Where Is She Now?

Although Laura Russo is in the headlines, her bio is not published on Wiki-like sites.

As per NY Post, she is a science teacher with the Herricks Public Schools. However, the schools clarified that the incident did not happen on its premises.

Russo had administered the vaccine at her home to a 17-year-old boy without asking his parents. She is neither medical personnel nor the victim’s parents to do so.

As of now, Russo is out of prison and is set to appear in court on 21 January 2021.

Details On Laura Russo Jail Sentence

Public school teacher Laura Russo’s jail sentence is yet to be determined.

She is charged with the unauthorized practice of a profession after injecting a minor with the COVID-19 vaccine. She has now been released on a desk appearance ticket.

But Laura has been restricted from her classes and reassigned until the investigation ends. She will appear on the court on 21 January where she will get her verdict.

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