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Yakub is is a well-known dancer who got fame after he participated in Series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent. It is known that he is just 10 years old. All of the judges and audiences were impressed by his performance.

Height4 feet 1 inch
ParentsJuliette (foster mother)

When he first entered the stage he was very shy but when he started dancing he was very good. People were shocked with his fantastic performances. He was seen doing Lion King inspired dance. He gained a standing ovation from all the judges. Amand Holden was seen calling his performance as a “phenomenal audition.”

With his dance, he won the hearts of thousands of people. On the audition he came with his mother and his mother was seen saying that he lives to dance. People are wanting to know more about the young talented dancer. After he gained a lot of fame from his audition performance people have a lot of hope from him.

10 Facts About Yakub

The first thing to learn about Yakub is that he recently appeared in the auditions of BGT as a dancer.

As per his Instagram bio, he is currently 11 years of age.

Since we remain unknown about his date of birth, we do not know on which day Yakub celebrates his birthday every single year.

We do not know about his real parents but we do know that he has a foster mother named Juliette who takes care of him.

With a lot of research, we have found out that his official Instagram account is @yakub_bgt_official, and he has around 1056 followers there.

This 11-years-old dancer has not reached Britain’s Got Talent semifinals.

It seems the semifinalist is a British and has been residing in Stratford. 

Yakub is probably single at such a young age.

We are currently unknown about his education but we do believe that he is completing his school studies in the UK.

There is also not much to know about his net worth as he is just a kid. 

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