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AJayII, a YouTuber who is yet to reveal her real name, has been in the limelight for the last few weeks. It is because she has been away from Youtube. GIven her videos were uploaded frequently, she has not uploaded a single video for a whole month and a half. 

Hence, fans have started worrying about her. Many of them have been speculating about her well being. However, nothing much is confirmed just about yet. 


AJayII is a Youtuber and reactor who reacts to music. Her latest video came on December 39, 2020. In the video, she reacted to her best songs of 2020 ever since her youtube account has been a drought. 

As for Twitter, her last tweet came on December 20, 2020. Hence, she has been away for almost two months. Perhaps, she is just taking a break. Let’s not be paranoid and rush to conclusions. 

10 Facts On AJayII

AJayII is a Youtuber who is best known for her reaction videos on Youtube. She reacts to songs and music videos. 

Unfortunately, AJayII has not shared her real name yet. She is happy to use her stage name all the time. 

Likewise, we have not been able to track AJayII’s age either. She looks quite young, though. 

She started her Youtube channel in March 2017. She has been active for around 3 years. 

However, AJayII’s net worth and earnings remain under review for now. 

The Youtuber has gone missing from the internet lately. However, nothing new has pooped about her whereabouts. 

Her last video came on December 29, 2020. It is so unlike her not to upload a video in more than a month. 

AJayII doesn’t have a boyfriend, as per her videos. She is single. 

Similarly, AJayII doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography either. 

But the Youtuber is quite an emerging celebrity. She has over 700k subscribers on YouTube and105k followers on Twitter. 

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