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Sylvee is an internet star who got fame and recognition after uploading quality gaming content on Twitch. The internet star sylvee started her twitter career in October and her career skyrocketed after uploading content on Twitch. The first video of Sylvee on youtube is titled “What in Minecrapt”  which earned 27K views as of September 2020.  

Agearound 25 years
Height5 feet and 3 inches
ProfessionTwitch Streamer

The internet career of Sylvee seems to be very successful and tough at the same time. The gaming star Sylvee seems to be very confident and it’s worth taking a closer look at her content. As of September, no details have been shared by the streamer sylvee regarding her boyfriend.

10 Facts on Sylvee

Sylvee is an online content creator known after creating the gaming content of Minecraft. The content seems to be at the age of 25 as of 2020.

The gaming star has not shared her personal details to the public and she has disclosed her full name on any platform.

Speaking of youtube, Sylvee has been pushing content of Valorant, Minecraft and CS go and is pro at these games

The content creator Sylvee has been generating a huge amount of Google AdSense revenue as she has earned 197K video views.

Taking a closer look at Sylvee’s youtube description, we get the fact that her youtube career started by uploading her first video on October 3, 2018

After uploading gaming content on regular basis her YouTube channel, Sylvee earned 15.3K followers which is impressive.

Talking of Twitch, Sylvee has earned a fan following of 59.6K followers in Twitch and has top-notch gaming skills.

To brush up her career, Sylvee is also putting effort into pushing content on her Instagram handle named Sylvee__ and having 14K fan followers.

Sylvee has managed to make a professional desk setup and has stuck sound pads to reduce echo sound in her video.

The online content creator Sylvee has not talked to her fan following regarding her net worth. Talking a look at her twitch and youtube analytics, she seems to make a huge amount of revenue.

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