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Alex Bond Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Alex Bond is a British chef and owner of Alchemilla, one of the finest restaurants in Nottingham.

Bond has been a part of various shows including, the Channel 4 TV series, Snackmasters. Later he is set to appear in the Great BBC Menu.

Furthermore, he has an amazing resume having worked for more than 20 years. Before opening his own restaurant, he was the head chef for Restaurant Sat Bains, 42 The Calls, Anthony’s, The Wild Rabbit, etc.

Alex Bond Chef Wikipedia

Alex Bond does not have a Wikipedia page for now.

He originally from Yorkshire and has wanted to cook from a young age.

Alex Bond’s age appears to be in the late thirties since his actual birth information is not known.

Bond opened his dream restaurant Alchemilla in the year 2017. The restaurant has two Michelin stars in its name.

Basically, he focuses on using the organic plant-based ingredients at the heart of the plate. While meat and fish also play a complementary role in his dishes.

Meet Alex Bond on Instagram

Alex Bond is active over the Instagram platform. His username is “alex797”.

After appearing in various TV shows, his popularity has relatively increased. Until now, he has more than 5,259 followers in his name.

Alex Bond Chef Wife and Children

Alex Bond’s wife’s name is Anna Bond.

Professionally, Anna is a horticulturist, i.e., an expert in garden cultivation and management. The couple loves growing vegetables and researches with the ingredients.

In fact, it is because of his wife’s help he can study the protein factors in his new ways of cooking.

The couple has two lovely daughters together. Their names are Pearl and Rosa.

Alex Bond’s net worth remains unavailable in the virtual platform.

However, from his cooking technique and dishes’ immense popularity, Alex must have amassed a substantial amount of money.

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