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Amrou Fudl Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Amrou Fudl? He is the host of the Fresh and Fit podcast. Let us explore his age and the latest controversies.

Amrou Fudl aka Myron Gaines is a popular Elite life coach. He is a fitness trainer and runs a Fresh and Fit program, which includes dating fitness and other aspects. 

As per the recent buzzing rumors, Amrou has been accused of sexual harassment. He forced an Only Fans prominent lady to have an abortion. There are multiples videos with embarrassing content uploaded by YouTubers. 

Moreover, Amrou is a former HSI agent who is quite popular all over social media outlets. However, his admirers are unfollowing after the sexual harassment drama between him and Ms. Cheeks.

Without further ado, let us jump into his personal and career details.

Who Is Amrou Fudl Aka Myron Gaines From Fresh and Fit? 

Amrou Fudl is mostly known as a fitness coach and host of the Fresh and Fit podcast. 

To date, his channel has 389k subscribers and millions of people follow his tips and tricks. 

The handsome hunk Amrou has garnered 4k admirers with only 15 posts on Instagram as of August 2021.

According to his recent controversy, Amrou, and Ms. Cheeks feud or disputes created a fiasco on social media. She claims that he emotionally manipulates women with his sweet talks and sexually abuses them. 

Furthermore, she accused Amrou that he forced her to have an abortion. People are showing interest in this topic. 

Amrou Fudl Age: How Old Is The Fitness Coach?

Amrou is probably around 30-35 years of age in 2021. Unfortunately, his date of birth is yet to reveal on the internet.

Coming to his nationality, Amrou is American by nationality, and he belongs to mixed race or ethnicity.

Explaining his relationship status, Amrou is currently single. It seems like he has no girlfriend or partner at the moment. 

Speaking about his family details, Amrou never speaks about his parents publicly. Perhaps, he wants to protect his father and mother from the media’s scrutinies and controversies. 

As being a celebrity, he knew that it’s not easy to handle the media scrutinies. 

Amrou Fudl’s Real Name Is Myron Gaines

If you’re among his podcast listeners, You might have guessed it, Amrou’s Fudl real name is Myron Gaines.

Nevertheless, Amrou’s actual net worth or salary earnings is yet to update on the web. As per the source, his earning might be around $30-50k. 

Did you know? Amrou was also available on TikTok. But his account was blocked after violating TikTok community guidelines. He usually uploads dating advice or guidance videos.

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  • Myron Gaines

    December 12, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Myron takes 70% of revenue as he invested in the equipment, the studio his in his apartment and he saves all his money meanhile Fresh aka 1000 bodies man, spends like theres no tmrw, think about all the money you see Fresh Spend, Myron makes double, saves and invests it… smart man


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