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Amy Carlson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Amy Carlson, Mother God? Amy was the leader of Love Has Won, whose body was wrapped in a sleeping bag.

On May 3, 2021, 9 News reported that the authorities had arrested seven people after they found the mummified body of Amy in her home. These people are also alleged to have abused two children present there.

She was once included in one of the documentaries filmed by VICE. In the documentary, she had revealed that she had been helping humanity for almost 19 billion years.

What Happened To Love Has Won Cult Leader Amy Carlson?

Amy Carlson, the leader of Love Has Won, a spiritual group with many followers.

Reportedly, her body was tied in a sleeping bag and was decorated with Christmas lights. One of her followers had taken the seven arrested people to her home as they were seeking shelter.

After that, he went on a trip to Denver, and after returning home, he found Amy’s body in a back bedroom. The authorities have not charged the follower.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Amy Carlson’s personal as well as professional life has not been explained on Wikipedia.

Moreover, we are unable to find her on any social media platforms. She has kept a low profile and has rarely appeared in front of the media.

Who Is Amy Carlson Mother God?

Carlson was referred to as Mother God by many of her followers at Love Has Won.

Many of her followers believed that she could communicate with angels and lead them to a great awakening. She used to conduct spiritual intuitive ascension sessions and even sell spiritual healing products.

Everything About Her Family

Carlson used to live regularly with her family before she got into the manipulating cult.

According to Meaww, her death was revealed by Chelsea Ann Reninger, her sister, via Facebook. We hope her departed soul will rest in peace, and we request everyone to give her family privacy in this awful situation.

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