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Andrea Ghez Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Andrea Ghez is an American astronomer who has won the 2020 Nobel prize for her contribution to the field of Physics. Andrea is one of two people who has been given the Nobel Prize this year as Reinhard Genzel is the other person who has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Andrea Ghez is a reputed and well-respected physicist in the world.

NameAndrea Ghez
BirthdayJune 16, 1965
Age55 years
HusbandTom LaTourrette
Educationph D from California Institute of Technology

Andrea Ghez has worked in the research of the Black Hole in the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way galaxy according to the reports on her subject form the internet. Andrea is from a Jewish background and she was born and raised by her immigrant parents in the USA where she studied to be a scientist.

10 Facts on Andrea Ghez

According to the information available on Wikipedia about Andrea Ghez, she was born in the year 1965 and to date, she is at the age of 55 years old.

The birthdate of the American astronomer falls on the 16th of June and her zodiac sign in Gemini. She was born in New York City.

Gilbert and Susanne Ghez are the parents of Andrea Ghez. She is born into a family of Jewish heritage. Her mother is from An Irish family.

Looking at the relationship status of Andrea Ghez, she is married to her husband Tom LaTourrette who is a research scientist at RAND Corporation. The couple together has two sons.

Ghez enrolled in the MIT from where she received a BS in physics in the year 1987. Then she completed her Ph.D. under the direction of Gerry Neugebauer at the California Institute of Technology.

The astronomer has always been a feminist and she also has written a book under the name, You can be a woman astronomer.

In 1994, Andrea was awarded her first award for her contribution to astronomy which was Annie J. Cannon Award in Astronomy.

Andrea Ghez mostly focuses on the study of the Centre of the milky way galaxy which is generally known as a black hole.

To date, Andrea Ghez is not available on any social media platform and her profile is still under review.

In 2020, Andrea Ghez and her partner Ganzer received a novel price for the discovery of a supermassive black hole.

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