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Andrew Dymock Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who are crime mastermind Andrew Dymock parents? His father and mother Dr David and Stella Dymock respectively.

The judges called the actions of Dymock “calculated and sophisticated”. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison and an additional three years on an extended licence.

Interestingly, Andrew replied by saying, “thank you for killing me”. 

Who Are Andrew Dymock Parents? Meet The Crime Suspect Father and Mother

Andrew Dymock parents include his father and mother Dr David and Stella Dymock respectively.

Andrew comes from a middle-class family in the UK. His dad, David, is a professor of dentistry at Bristol University. 

However, Andrew Dymock was recently jailed for the crime of fundraising an extreme right-wing group. 

Both David and Stella were reportedly supportive of their son through his trial. 

On further investigation, the court even found that Andrew had previously tried to involve his parents in a prominent British fascist video. 

In 2017, Andrew had allegedly sent a YouTube link titled “Oswald Mosley Documentary – Multiculturalism”. However, David had rebuffed his son’s actions and warned him not to sent any political videos.

Moreover, David had also stated he was proud to serve in a multicultural workplace. On the other hand, Stella had apparently replied by “Not what I expected. Thoroughly illuminating.”

Andrew Dymock High School And College Explored 

Andrew Dymock was a former college student at Aberystwyth University. 

He was a student of politics during his undergrad education. Likewise, Dymock was allegedly already involved in fascist groups as a student.

Andrew Dymock attended his high school in England.

He was born and raised in Bath, Somerset, England. Though the exact name of the school is not revealed, he might have graduated from the high school in the area.

Andrew Dymock is 24 years old in age. However, Andrew Dymock doesn’t have a Wikipedia description. 

Why was Andrew Dymock Arrested? His Neo Nazi Charges 

Andrew Dymock was arrested as the leader of System Resistance Network (SRN) and Sonnenkrieg Division.

Apparently, Andrew Dymock was a neo-nazi supporter. He allegedly made statements to “exterminate Jewish people” and “encourage terror attacks. 

At first, Dymock had claimed that he was forced by his former girlfriend to join the group. He had even stated that he was bisexual and anti-Nazism.

The court, on the other hand,  concluded another story. As a fact, they even accuse Andrew Dymock of engraving a Swastik sign on his girlfriend’s buttock.  

He was eventually found guilty of five charges and will spend the next 7 years behind the bars.

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