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Tommy Bryant Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who Is Tommy Bryant Alabama? The racist councilman was exposed. Band together to grasp more about his wife and Wikipedia.

Bryant is a Tarrant city councilman. He is from Tarrant who casually blurted out a shocking racist slur at a council meeting. 

Recently,  the Tarrant city councilman was caught asking ‘do we have a house N-word in here?’ during a meeting, and the Alabama Democratic Party has called for his resignation.

Who Is Tommy Bryant Alabama?

Tommy Bryant is the councilman of Tarrant city.

As per his Facebook page, he is an alumnus of Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Reports suggest that John Bryant, who goes by Tommy Bryant, was re-elected to represent District 5 in the 2020 Jefferson County municipal elections.

His video of the outburst has caused a considerable storm in recent times as it was the first time that his name appeared in the national media, but went all wrong.

He was found passing N-word in a council meeting for which he is getting serious backlash.

Get To Know His Wife And Family

Tommy Bryant wife is yet to come to light.

However, the Tarrant councilman is already a married man.

He made the comment as part of a discussion raised by members of the public about Facebook posts by Bryant’s wife.

When a member of the public said that she had used the N-word, he replied: “Let’s get to the N-word,” which he referred to indirectly at first. Then, he used the word, saying “Do we have a house N-word in here?”.

He continued: “Do we? Do we?”, appearing to denote a Black colleague, Veronica Freeman.

Any deets regarding his family is still concealed.

Tommy Bryant Wikipedia Explored

Tommy Bryant Wikipedia is unavailable.

Despite being a political figure, his Wikipedia page is still out of sight. 

Also, we could not find a LinkedIn profile for Bryant. However, he is getting plenty of headlines for his racial slur.

Tommy Bryant Racist Video On Reddit

Tommy Bryant racist video is taking Reddit by storm.

Bryant’s racial slur video using N-word is heavily criticized on social media. People are going against him calling him a racist.

Democrats have called for the resignation of councilman John Bryant, also known as Tommy Bryant after he used the slur at a Monday council meeting.

After Bryant was seen using the word, the Alabama Democratic party released a statement calling for his resignation. It is said: “He is a racist and unfit to serve.” 

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