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Horst Eschler Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Who is Horst Eschler? At the age of 82, he is a philanthropist whose name is not found on Wikipedia. Read the article to know about his net worth. 

Horst Eschler did generous work and delighted the local zoo with 750,000 euros and along with donating at the charity organization with the same amount.

He is a retiree who has given an unexpected gift to the children of Münster and the local zoo, from which he has bought 33,333 tickets with the idea of ​​distributing them for free in local schools and kindergartens.

Who Is Horst Eschler?

Horst Eschler lived in Münster, Germany for a long time and has worked as a cook, seaman, and caretaker. 

He promised his wife, who died a few years ago: “I will donate our money once for children and animals.”

According to Delo, “The pensioner said at Thursday’s ceremonial handover of the donation to the zoo that he and his wife had promised years ago that they would help animals and children and that those who would live longer would take care of it.”

Horst Eschler Wikipedia

Horst Eschler name is not found on Wikipedia, despite being an elderly man who is working for a good cause. 

He is known for surprising the zoo with the highest individual donation of its history date which is 750,000 euros almost 915,000 dollars.

Furthermore, the aid comes at a difficult time for the zoo as, due to the coronavirus pandemic, school visits have not been allowed for months. “We hope that after the summer break we can reopen our doors for school groups and kindergartens,” said zoo director Simone Schehka.

In addition, with a large donation, Eschler also supported the Münsterland Colorful Circle charity, which helps families with chronically and seriously ill and premature babies. 

Horst Eschler Alter Or Age

Horst Eschler alter is 82 years old. 

How Much Is Horst Eschler Net Worth?

We are not aware of his salary, and earnings but it seems like with the help of his savings from his previous jobs Horst has saved a good income which is not helping many people in need. 

As he has donated a generous amount to both places, it seems like the generous old man certainly has worked very hard during his youthful days. 

As of now, his actual net worth remains a mystery.

Who Is Horst Eschler Wife? 

Horst Eschler wife name is Elfriedi. Sadly, Eschler’s wife passed away a few years ago. 

Furthermore, we are not able to find any detailed information regarding his family. 

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