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Harold “Heshy” Tischler Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Harold Tischler is an American activist who was arrested for attacking a reporter according to Yeshiva World news. He is expected to be charged with inciting a riot. He is an American activist but he really is an agitator and pro-Trump right-wing rude individual. He has once called “retard woman” to the Mayor’s wife.

Tischer has organized rallies in different parts of the country. His rallies are unintelligent and based on their presumed bias. For example, Tischler’s last protest was against the new COVID 19 regulations that prohibited mass gatherings, religious or otherwise. He has called racist slurs to the people as well which is very pernicious. Let’s get to know the infamous Harold Tischler more.

NameHarold Tischler
ProfessionExpeditor, Activist

10 Facts On Harold Tischler

Harold Tischler is a middle-aged man. He was reported yelling racist slurs to the mayor of New York.

We are clueless about his birthday and his zodiac sign. Normally, nobody had noticed him until his recent racist tirade.

He is an American citizen and calls himself an extreme patriot.

He is an activist but so far his activism has been going into a wrong direction as it’s founded in sexism and racism.

Borough Park was Tischler’s protest area where Orthodox Jews were protesting new COVID 10 safety guidelines which prohibited religious gatherings.

Tischler was the leader of the gang and was very provocative.

Harold yelled out racial slurs to the mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife and a lot of people condemned his actions.

He turned himself in and said that he was going to be arrested on Monday.

People are surprised at why NYPD was right there and allowed a reporter to be beaten by an angry mob.

Governor Cuomo has called for the arrest of Tischler.

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