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Ann Hebert Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ann Hebert has recently resigned from her position as Nike executive. Apparently, her son was found guilty of reselling Nike products. However, Ann’s involvement in this dirty business is still a question!

Who is Ann Hebert and how did she reach this position? We will disclose everything about the drama in this article below!

Ann Herbet Net Worth And Salary

Nike VP Ann Herbet salary was a good one for sure considering the position. However, the exact sum is yet to be revealed in the media thanks to company policies.

Likewise, the same goes for her net worth, probably in millions but yet to be revealed. 

Ann Hebert Son: Who Is Her Husband?

Ann Herbet’s son is 19 years old Joe Herbet.

Joe is a high school student. He was recently accused of reselling Nike products using his mother’s credit card. Amid the COVID pandemic, Joe spent $100,000 USD to buy limited Nike products. Furthermore, his company was named “West Coast Streetwear”.

Ann Herbet’s other family members include her husband Pascal Herbert. Likewise, Pascal was allegedly supporting his son’s sneaky little business. In fact, the company was first registered under Pascal’s name. 

Ohio Alumni Ann Hebert Resigns From Nike

With massive backlash, Ann Hebert resigned from Nike as Bloomberg reports. 

Ann was employed as a North American Head Executive for Nike. In the same way, she has a 25 years relation with Nike. Besides, Nike has announced that it will elect its new executive head very soon.

Hebert started working for Nike in 1995 from the Kentucky branch. She was later transferred to Beaverton, Oregon as the sales director. Furthermore, he was selected as the VP for North American recently in 2020.

Ann completed her bachelor’s education from the University of Ohio. Similarly, she pursued her undergrad degree in Finance from 1988-1992. Moreover, she also played varsity basketball for the college.

The former vice president currently maintains silence on the controversial matter. Besides, Hebert self resigned from the position. On the other hand, Joe denies that he received any benefits from his mother’s position. 

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