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Ashley Morgan Smithline Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Ashley Morgan Smithline wiki has been on the top search after filing the physical and sexual allegation against Marilyn Manson. Fans are wondering to know more about the accuser.

The Marilyn Manson abuse case doesn’t seem to take a break.

After the public lawsuit by Esmé Bianco, a new woman named Ashely Morgan Smithline has forward with her own story. 

Ashley Morgan Smithline Wiki: She is Marilyn Manson Accuser

Ashley Morgan Smithline’s Wiki page is not available for now.

She is an American model and actress. However, her IMDb bio is under review. 

Recently, Ashley came forward as Marilyn Manson’s accuser.

Ashely gave an exclusive interview regarding her dating life with Marilyn Manson. She mentioned the American singer as the “most terrifying monster in the world.”

According to the model, Mason allegedly raped her and bit her on multiple occasions. Likewise, Morgan even accuses Marilyn of locking her into a soundproof room and physical violence. 

However, Marilyn Manson had denied all the allegations. On his behalf, his spokesperson mentioned the description even as false. 

Ashley Morgan Smithline Age: How Old?

Ashley Morgan Smithline’s age seems around her 30s.

According to Smihtline, the 52 years old singer reached out to her for an acting gig in the summer of 2010. Likewise, she was modeling in Asia at that time. Excited by the opportunity, she started chatting with him.

In fact, she even felt a deep bond with him. They finally met up in November of the same year. Furthermore, the couple dated up to 2013.

After her breakup, she became very private about her personal life. Therefore, Ashley’s husband’s details are not known. 

But, Marilyn tells a very different story. He alleges that he and Ashley only dated for a week. 

Meet Her on Instagram

Ashley Mogan’s Instagram is private following the serious case.

On the other hand, she is not the only person to accuse Ashely Morgan of abuse. Till now, around 15 women have come forward sharing their own story with Marilyn Manson.

This even includes celebrities like Esmé Bianco and Evan Rachel Wood. 

However, Marilyn Manson remains consistent with his innocence. The former Grammy nominee has described all allegations as fake. 

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