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Ashley Solis Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Solis heartfully told her story at a press conference arranged by Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing her.

Along with Ashley, 21 other women have filed suits and allegations.

Ashely Soils Age: How old is she?

Ashely’s age is 32 years old as of 2021.

She is American born in Houston, Tx in 1985. There are not many details regarding her family and whether she is married or not, hence we can say she has a husband or not.

Ashely Solis Wikipedia bio

Ashely is a very passionate massage therapist since 2018, she is a licensed, massage therapist.

She describes herself as a facilitator of healing through the practice of therapeutic bodywork on her website ashleysolislmt.com

Her father once was a diehard Texans fan, now can no longer mention his name turning without red.

There is no information regarding her educational background. She follows Christianity as her religion.

According to solid, Watson assaulted her at her home on March 30, 2020. –abc.net.eu

Ashely by profession is a massage therapist, therefore, she got into massage therapy to heal people, to heal their minds and bodies, to bring peace to their souls but she said that Waston has robbed her of that.

She is traumatized by that harassment.

While Deshaun Watson’s Layer says the accuser wanted $100k to stay quiet.

Find Ashely Solis on Instagram

Ashely Soils Instagram username is under @ashleysolislmt with 2,117 followers and 1370 following.

Her Instagram quotes ” Ashely Solis, LMT. Facilitator of healing.”

Due to her tramatuic experience she claimed that “I can no longer practice the profession I love the most without shaking… I hope he kew how heartbreaking that is to me.”

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