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Fantahun Woldesenbet Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Fantahun Woldesenbet is a US Navy soldier. He was serving as a Medic for a Navy Hospital.

His rank is E-4 meaning he was as Specialist or Corporal. He was enlisted in the Navy in 2012 and spent much of his career training in various medical units, according to his service record.

As of the latest news, he has been listed as a criminal and was killed out in the shoot-out.

Since he is the main suspect from the Frederick Shootout that took place on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Read until the end to know about the suspect.

Fantahun Woldesenbet Origin and Ethnicity

Fantahun Woldesenbet orgin and backgorund are still to be covered in the news.

Woldesenbet’s ethnicity is mixed.

He hails from an Afro-American background.

Fantahun Woldesenbet’s age is 38 years old as of March 2021. He was living in Frederick, Maryland.

Fantahun Woldesenbet Wife and Parents

Until now there is no information mentioned about Fantahun Woldesenbet’s wife and family.

However, he is reported to have two children.

However, the story is developing and the investigation is carried out. Soon the names of the suspect family will be unveiled. 

Fantahun Woldesenbet: Frederick Shooting Case

The shootout happened  at a facility in the Maryland city of Frederick

The moment was captured over the Surveillance video on the Fort Detrick Army base.

According to the video, a middle-aged man shoots two on-duty sailors. The Frederick Police says Woldesenbet used a rifle in the shooting.

The sailer was heavily wounded after the shootout and managed to escape the scene. Later were taken to the Baltimore Hospital.

Following the shooting, the suspect drove about 10 minutes to Fort Detrick, where he was shot by police who followed him onto the base.

Fortunately, there were no multiple serious casualties. The report says one of the victims is in critical but stable condition. The other is in serious condition but is expected to be released Wednesday.

Until now detectives are still trying to determine a possible motive.

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