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Barry Lang Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Pilot Barry Lang has finally gone back to hosting Ireland Classic Hits 2FM. He has transformed from “in the air” to “on the air,” and his admirers love it.

Barry is a former Beatbox host and 2FM Drivetime DJ who became a pilot with Emirates later, jetting passengers from Dubai to California for over 20 years.

After 23 years, he returned on the airwaves with a new Sunday show on Classic Hits 2FM.

Pilot Barry Lang Age and Wikipedia

Barry Lang age is between 55-60.

His exact age hasn’t been mentioned anywhere as of now.

Similarly, Barry Lang Wikipedia is not present on the web despite being a pilot and a radio jockey.

However, many of the news sites have written about him.

Barry gained his commercial pilot license in the year 1991, and he frequently flew on a part-time basis for several operators. 

However, later, he decided to spend the rest of his career with Trans Aer, the largest charter company in Europe, according to Independent Irish.

Meet Barry Lang Wife and Children

Barry Lang wife’s details are nowhere found on the internet.

Also, we are unsure about his relationship or marital status; he might not be married as well.

Hence, no deets are floating on his children as well. He prefers not to be vocal when it comes to his private life.

However, he quite often mentions his best pal Tony Fenton who has passed away six years back, according to the sun. He left the world in 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

Tony and Barry were Radio Jockey partners until Barry signed off on his last 2FM show in 1998.

What Is His Net Worth?

Barry Lang net worth is estimated to be above $5 million.

Since he worked in airlines for almost 30 years, he has definitely bagged a huge net worth for himself.

Furthermore, he worked as a Captain for Irish Air, Radio host for RTE, Senior First Officer for Trans Aer, Senior First Officer for Gulf Air, and Airline Captain for Emirates, as per his LinkedIn.

Currently, he is working as a Radio Presenter for Ireland’s Classic Hits for three months.

With years of hard work and determination towards his work, Barry is now living a lavish retired life.

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