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Betsy Cohen Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Betsy Cohen, a lady with $12.4 million net worth is an entrepreneur and businesswoman who currently serves as the chairman of Fintech Acquisition Corp IV. She has been holding this position since May 2019.

Basically, she is regarded to be an expert in the fields of financial law, real estate lending, banking, investing and also development. Apart from just Fintech Acquisition Corp IV, she also serves as the director of Aetna, Inc.

Betsy Cohen’s Net Worth Revealed

According to Wallmine, Betsy Cohen has an estimated net worth of approximately $12.4 million. This was her net worth report as of October 16, 2020, which probably means that her net worth might have increased. 

Well, she owns almost 1.09 million units of Fintech Acquisition Corp IV which is near about $12.3 million. All of her earnings come entirely from her businesses. 

Is Betsy Cohen on Wikipedia?

Although being a popular entrepreneur and businesswoman, Betsy Cohen’s information can still not be found on Wikipedia. However, her present works definitely deserve to be recognized and we even want a Wikipedia page on her which we will hopefully get in the future.

Even though she is not active on Wikipedia, we have been able to fetch her information from the official sites of The Bancorp and The Middle East Investment Initiative. According to her bio, she is the founder as well as the strategic advisor at The Bancorp

Who is Betsy Cohen’s husband?

Is Betsy Cohen married? Yes, Betsy Cohen has already been married to her beloved husband named Ed Cohen. In fact, the couples share a total of two children together are named Daniel Cohen and Jonathan Cohen.

With her family, she runs a natural gas and oil extraction company, two banks, and also an investment firm. With the aid of her business and investment skills, she has been able to receive some amazing awards including the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of CommerceNational Foundation for Women Business Owners, etc. 

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