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Bing Bong Meme Tiktok & Twitter Trend? – Material Girl Lyrics Explored

Bing Bong is trending all over in social media like TikTok & Twitter at the moment; why is meme all over on Tiktok? Let’s learn about this.

Bing Bong was created from a viral video of a Knicks fan while celebrating the team’s opening night and winning in the 2021-2022 season.

The camera cuts to fan Jordan Bloom, who sings “Bing Bong” like a chime in the video.

However, the day after capturing this video, it went viral on Twitter. Fans start making memes from the “Bing Bong” part of the video.

Many TikTok users started making videos on these ”Bing Bong” lyrics which went viral in TikTok.

Bing Bong Meme Tiktok Trend

Viral trends are a big part of Tiktok as well as the lyrics owner’s success. The latest trend Bing Bong looks as it makes the video go viral worldwide, which is also a good point for the New York Knicks.

Therefore, Bing Bong is not a song or either movie character meme part. It is a natural word meme that happened by Knicks fans.

One of the Knicks fans, Jordie Bloom, particularly shouts the Phrase, Bing Bong; since then, it has gone viral.

Tiktok users are also making a lyric video on the Phrase Bing Bone, from which they are getting more views and likes. 

Apart from that, people are also making comedy videos on these lyrics where they got a million views and likes.

Bing Bong Twitter Trend Explored

Bing Bong’s original Phrase was created; Jordie said he was leaving MSG to see full of happy and Joyful regards Knicks fans.

After getting viral on Tiktok, it also takes part in Titok, where many fans following Knicks are making a trend to this Bing Bong phrase all over Twitter.

People are also making this video their favorite.

Why Is Bing Bong All Over Tiktok?

Titok is one of the most used social apps used by different ages people, not only old but not only youth. Even children also seem to use this app to make a lyrical video.

In recent time, Bing Bong has become the trend all over on Tiktok, as we already mentioned where the lyrics of this video begins from.

Many TikTok users who have a million followers also use Bing Bong lyrics to make their Tiktok video to get more views and likes.

Material Girl Lyrics Explored

Many girls are also making this Bing bong meme video on their Tiktok account.

Although they are getting people’s love, no negativity, more views, and followers as well.

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