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What Is “Your Done” TikTok Meme? Challenge Trend & Video Explored

The new Your Done meme and video are trending on TikTok after the first video was uploaded at the end of September. Here is what you need to know. 

People are back with one of their never-ending trends and videos ideas on TikTom where just 2 words seem to be enough as of now. 

Well, while this new trend has nothing wrong with it, except for a few ideas by individual creators, there is still a thing that has affected a few people, which others find funny. 

The new trend, “Your Done”, sounds obvious because of how it is said but people there are a few people who are stating the obvious saying that it’s You’re Done, not Your Done. 

While this is the most unnecessary concern regarding this trend, it had to be mentioned because it is actually gaining the attention of a few people. 

Anyways, the trend is rising rapidly because a lot of people are following it and creating much funnier content with its help. 

What Is “Your Done” TikTok Meme?

The Your Done TikTok meme is a video that originated about a month ago at the later end of September. 

It started with the video where a person pops the pimple of his friend at the side of his forehead. After this, the boy started pointing his finger and saying “your Done”. 

Well, talking figuratively, the boy is trying to say that he is going to kill his friend because he popped his pimple and it hurt him pretty badly, but he does not mean that literally. 

So, the concept of this trend is that when people do something stupid or irritating, people use the phrase “Your Done’ to show their frustration and aggression caused by that activity. 

For non-native English speakers, there might be a similar phrase that you use in your own language when you go through a similar condition, which will be a practical explanation. 

“Your Done” TikTok Meme Challenge Trend And Video Reactions

As a popular trend, there are many videos being made on this sound initially created by the pimple-popping guy. 

However, other videos are now being made with a similar concept where people are expressing their frustration or aggression towards something that they do not like happening to thelsemves. 

Mostly, people are using it to express their frustration about their relationship where people are not happy about their partner’s certain doings, but in a funny way. 

While many are making videos about it, many are reacting to these videos and some of them are, to be honest, funnier than the video itself. 

Indeed, many people have even made compilations of similar tiktoks and uploaded them on youtube. 

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