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Brittany Wagner Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

Brittany Wagner is a cheerleading coach who became famous because of her role in the Netflix documentary Last Chance U. She and her husband Mark White are both involved in coaching and in sports management.  

Wanger has worked over a decade in various roles as a sports coach and has created a venture to help students succeed on the pitch and off of it too. 

Who Is Brittany Wagner Married To?

Wagner was married to basketball coach Mark White. According to Answers Africa, she is currently a single mother and is divorced from Mark.

While she is one of the most famous sports Academic Advisors and Cheerleading Coach, her husband has remained under the radar career-wise.

White is also involved as a sports coach much like his wife but has failed to gain the fame and popularity that she has. This is partly due to the fact that she has appearances in the Netflix show, Last Chance U. 

In fact, both of them worked at Eastern Mississippi Community College, where the first season of Last Chance U was filmed. 

Together they have a child called Kennedy Grier. White and Wager both share a love for athletics and sports and they first bonded over the sports. Grier divides her time between the two parents after they separated. 

Mark White Left His Coaching Job At EMCC

Mark used to be the basketball coach at EMCC but he moved on to Tallahassee Community College in April 2015. He is popular among the students and athletes of the Mississipi area. 

However, he graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA. In 2020, Mark coaches various college students especially those coming from the community college system.

Wagner’s Net Worth In 2020

She has an estimated net worth of around $100,000 as of July 2020. She made this net worth from more than 10 years as a coach and counselor. 

Brittany Wagner’s Age

Brittany Wagner was born on November 15, 1977, in Clinton, Mississippi. Wagner is best known for her work with Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U”. She is 41 years old as of now (July 2020).

She is currently working for Eastern Mississippi Community College as an academic advisor and cheerleading Coach. Not only that but she has dedicated her life for the well being of the students she worked more than a decade’s worth for NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association) and NJCAA(National Junior College Athletic Association) as per her website Brittany completed her high school education from Clinton High School in Clinton, MS on May 1996 in and began attending Samford University in Birmingham, AL form August 1996 later she decided to attend Mississippi State University and transferred on January 1996 where she pursued Bachelors’s in Sports Studies and graduated in May 2000.

Rise To Prominence With Last Chance U

The pair got famous after Brittany was cast in the first season of Last Chance U. The show’s crew followed the college life and athletics of students who play college football.

In her college, the crew followed the Lions throughout the 2015 season. At the time they were competing for their fourth JUCO national title. While they played really well and advanced through most of the season, the team got into a brawl that saw them get disqualified from the tournament. 

As she is a graduate in Sports Studies, she became an integral part of the team in the season and was also prominently featured on the Netflix drama series which follows. 

Her role in the university’s team had other responsibilities too as she had to manage both the coaching responsibilities and had to look after their studies too, to surmise her job, she had to make sure that the students were doing well both on and off the field. 

Because of her guidance and effort towards the well-being of the students, she was highly praised. In addition to this, she also got praise from TV critics because of her ‘real’ performance on the show. 

Apart from her job, she has her own venture called Gradefirst, she founded the institution in 2014. The organization primarily counsels athletic students to help them succeed in academics. This is reminiscent of her role at EMCC where she had a similar counselor-coach role. 

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