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Matt And Laurie Crouch Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Bio, Dating, Facts

The American Television personality and broadcaster from Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Matt Crouch, and his wife Laurie Crouch are best known as the hosts of Christian-oriented talk program the “Praise”  which was formerly known as “Praise the Lord”. These two are famous filmmakers and producers. 

In this article, we have included everything about this successful duo, Matt and Laurie Crouch, including the facts about their age, family, and net worth.

Who are Matt Crouch and Laurie Crouch?

Matthew W. Crouch (Matt) is widely known as a film producer and primary host as well as producer of TBN’s live talk show Praise. He is the president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network since 2015.  He was born on 26th October 1961, in Muskegon, Michigan, US.  

This 58 years old TV personality, Matt is also the co-founder of the LA-based film studio, Gener8Xion Entertainment. He is also the producer of many films.

Matt is married to Laurie Michelle Orndorff since 1985.

Laurie Michelle Orndorff (Laurie Crouch) is also a famous personality being a filmmaker and producer. She is the co-host of TBn’s talk show Praise and works alongside her husband Matt.

Laurie was born on 14th August 1963 in Colleyville, Texas and she is currently 56 years old. In addition to being the producer and host of their show Praise, she has also produced other shows like The Cross, One Night with the King, etc. 

Matt and Laurie Crouch Family

Matt is the younger son of American Television evangelist Paul Crouch and religious broadcaster Jan Crouch. Paul and Jan Crouch are the founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN. Matt’s brother Paul Crouch Junior is also a Christian broadcaster.

Matt and Laurie are married for about 35 years now. They are the parents of two adult sons Caylan and Cody Crouch. 

Where do Matt ‘Matthew’ Crouch and Laurie Crouch Live?

This Crouch family currently resides in the housing complex of the Trinity Broadcasting Network in Costa Mesa, California.

Matt and Laurie Crouch Children and Facts

Matt and Laurie have two children Caylan Crouch and Cody Crouch. Cody Crouch got married in September 2019 with a woman named Audrey Grace.

Cody and Audrey had been dating each other for a long time as revealed from Cody’s Instagram posts.

On the other hand, there is not much information on Matt and Laurie’s other son, Caylan Crouch. He also does not have a social media presence. However, he is seen appearing on several episodes of their parent’s show, Praise.

Matt and Laurie Crouch Net Worth

Matt and Laurie Crouch are extremely devout Christian who made their business by extending Christianity through the power of television.  As of 2020, Matt Crouch’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million dollars according to Celebrity net worth. He earns most of his money through TBN and as a film producer.  

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