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Peta Mathias Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Peta Mathias, of age 71 years, is thriving. ‘I’m not looking at slowing down or retiring or anything like that,’ said Peta.

Peta Mathias is an accomplished writer, singer, chef, and broadcaster. She spends half of the year in the south of France and the remainder in New Zealand. Moreover, she is involved in tours throughout many places, including India and Morocco.

Can We Help It If We’re Fabulous? and Just In Time To Be Too Late are some of her well-known books. She appeared on shows like Taste New ZealandTaste Takes Off, and A Taste Of Home.

Peta Mathias Age: How Old Is The Writer?

Peta Mathias’ age is 71 years old.

She was born in 1950. But, her exact birthdate is unavailable.

Mathias is embracing her life and thriving even at this age. The foodie author has no plans of retiring just yet. 

On her 70th birthday, she led a month-long birthday celebration and toured from Uzès, France, to Auckland and even India.

In an interview with Women’s Weekly, she said, “I’m looking on it as a milestone in my life; I am not looking at it as slowing down or retiring or anything at all like that.”

Learn About Peta Mathias Husband And Family

Peta Mathias’ husband was a French gay man. He died a few years later after their marriage.

The marriage was only for visa purposes.

Later on, Peta got married again. However, she decided not to have children.

Peta Mathias has not started her own family. In an interview, she revealed that she did not have children as she would not be a good mother.

“I would have been frustrated, and I would have wanted to be somewhere else,” she said. 

In 2016, Mathias mourned the death of her 91-year-old father in May. Six months later, her mother died at 96. 

Meet Peta Mathias On Instagram

Peta can be found on Instagram under the username @petamathias.

The food expert has over 4,886 followers on the platform. Her IG feed is filled with mouth-watering dishes that look super tasty.

Besides that, she loves to post casual pictures of her hanging out with friends and family. 

Peta enjoys spending time with her sister’s child Charlie. Charlie can be seen in multiple posts throughout her Instagram.

Her bio reads as, “gastronomad • author • culinary escapes television & broadcasting.” 

How Much Is Mathias Net Worth In 2021?

Mathias has a net worth of $1-$5 million.

Peta Mathias’ exact net worth is, however, still under review.

The primary source of her income is her decades-long career as an author and a chef. Moreover, she is also a TV personality.

Mathias’ books are based around food, travel, life, and love, among others.

The New Zealand Government awarded her the New Zealand Order of Merit to recognize her author and TV presenter work.

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